2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Review And Release Date

2018 Accord Hybrid-- Design. Power. Efficiency. Plus an unbelievable 49 mpg ranking. Our finest Accord is in fact a Hybrid. With 2 sources of power, excellent fuel economy and lower emissions, hybrid automobiles are simply among numerous methods Honda is producing more sustainable transport. In addition to cost savings at the pump, hybrid automobiles can help in reducing air contamination, greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on oil.

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Review And Release Date

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Review And Release Date

Hybrid electrical automobiles integrate an internal combustion engine with an electrical motor for greater fuel economy and decreased emissions. The onboard battery shops energy produced throughout braking and deceleration, removing the have to plug in and charge.


From 10-way power seats with memory performance, Dual-Zone Environment Control and more, the interior of Accord Hybrid is filled with premium features.

Start with a Button

Leave your cars essential fob in your pocket. All the power to begin your engine is at your fingertips thanks to Press Button Start.

Loaded with Premium

The interior is loaded with superior products-- consisting of offered leather and wood-grain consultations-- that completely enhance the tech-filled cockpit.

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Review And Release Date

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Interior

Wireless Battery charger

No more require for adapters and cables. The Wireless Phone Battery charger supplies a problem-free charging zone that's simple to gain access to and usage.

Appealing Cockpit

The cockpit includes a host of advanced style hints, from a color Multi-Information Show to leather accents throughout and more.

" Enjoyable to own" is at the core of our DNA, however sustainability remains in our nature. That's why Honda is devoted to ecologically accountable cars and pursuing a zero-carbon-emissions future. Take a look at a few of our newest developments listed below.

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2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Review And Release Date

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Exterior

Fuel-Cell Electric Automobiles

Fuel-Cell Electric Automobiles use long-range all-electric owning with absolutely no emissions. Sustained by hydrogen, their electrical energy is produced as needed by a fuel cell instead of power from batteries. Plus, refueling with hydrogen takes simply a couple of minutes.

Fuel-Cell Electric Automobiles can provide over 300+ miles of smooth and peaceful all-electric driving, no tailpipe emissions and a brief 3-to 5-minute refueling time.

The fuel cell converts hydrogen into electrical energy to power the high-torque electrical motor. A little onboard battery shops energy throughout deceleration and braking, including "totally free" electrons to the power mix.

An industry-first two-motor hybrid system utilizes one motor to speed up Accord Hybrid from a dead stop, and a 2nd to begin the engine and charge the very first motor. From Remote Engine Begin to Honda Sensing, Accord Hybrid is created with top-shelf innovation to assist maximize every drive. Hear (and feel) all your preferred tunes with numerous methods to link your digital audio and a 360-Watt, 7-Speaker Premium Audio System with Subwoofer. This suite of security and driver-assistive innovations is created to inform you to things you may miss out on while owning.

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Review And Release Date

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid  Engine

Clearness Fuel Cell

With a compact, hydrogen-powered fuel cell and sensational aerodynamic style, the five-passenger Clearness Fuel Cell is a styling, style and product packaging idea of our next-generation, zero-emission automobile with a targeted owning variety of over 300+ miles.

Battery Electric Cars

With sophisticated innovation like rechargeable lithium batteries and electrical motors offering power to the wheels, contemporary battery electrical cars permit all-electric owning while producing absolutely no tailpipe emissions.

Battery electrical cars do not utilize fuel and have absolutely no tailpipe emissions, which can substantially decrease air contamination and greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, it's more affordable to own on electrical energy.

Battery electrical automobiles draw power from rechargeable battery packs, just like those utilized in lots of customer electronic gadgets. As battery innovation enhances, we continue to pursue automobiles with increased owning variety and faster recharge times.


An all-electric take on compact adaptability. The Fit EV utilizes no gas, produces no emissions and made a remarkable 118-MPGe combined score.

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Review And Release Date

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Exterior

Release Date And Price

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid Released in 2017. Its display room launching will likely take place in early 2018 with price beginning at $29.605.


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